Dolphin Trailers is backed with a 1 year warranty related to any defects to workmanship. 

With a high-quality fibreglass body and a galvanized steel chassis, our trailers can deliver high performance for more than 20 years. Our Trailer bodies will never rust as it is completely sealed and impervious to the elements; it will maintain its integrity for the life of the product.

A common misconception regarding Fibreglass trailers is that its strength is inferior to a steel trailer. Fibreglass trailers, unlike steel, has the unique ability to flex to some degree and return to its normal shape without any cracks or distortions to the laminate. Steel on the other, does not pose such properties and if you bend steel, it does not return to its normal shape. It will stay bent.

Fibreglass and steel also react differently to impact. When a steel trailer sustains an impact the shock waves will propagate through the entire length of metal; however, fiberglass will localise that shock. Consequently, damages from a collision to a fibreglass trailer will be less severe, hence less repairs.

With regards to lifecycle, fibreglass fairs out better. Over time, as most people would have experienced with a steel trailer is that the dents and scratches create exposed areas in the metal that are susceptible to moisture and rust which diminishes the body’s appearance and usefulness. Fibreglass, however is guaranteed to last more than 20 years

Another important difference between Fibreglass and Steel trailers relates to the environmental impact from the manufacturing processes of each material. The production of resins and glass fibres have very little environmental impact when compared to the production of steel.  

After you have selected a Trailer that suits your needs, you will need to pay a 50% deposit to secure your order. Your trailer will take approximately 2 to 4 weeks to manufacture depending on the model you have chosen. You can refer to the trailer specification table for the turnaround time. The balance of funds can be transferred upon collection/delivery.

Deliveries are free within a 50km radius of Johannesburg. A nominal fee will be charged for deliveries beyond 50km.
Nationwide deliveries are available through a car carrier service at an additional cost.

For further clarity, please call us on 065 954 3936 or simply click here and send us a message.