Why Use our Trailers

Small cars are on the rise in South Africa and why not? Less expensive, eco friendly and parking is a breeze. It makes complete sense. The only problem is SPACE…

Sure, a heavy steel trailer may work, but that’s just it, it’s Heavy!

Dolphin Trailers are extremely reliable Fibreglass trailers that provide a number of benefits

Major fuel savings will be attained from using our trailers compared to similar sized steel trailers.
Manual handling is a breeze, even your toddler can hitch a trailer.

Fibreglass will never rust. Our high-quality fiberglass trailers can deliver high performance for more than 20 years.

The sleek and streamlined design of our trailers ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

With a refreshingly fun and trendy style, our trailers are bound to be “head turners” on the roads.